Issue in some CNRM-CM5 files and implications for CMIP5 and CORDEX users
Problème dans certains fichiers de CNRM-CM5 et implications pour les utilisateurs CMIP5 et CORDEX




If you plan to submit publications using Med-CORDEX simulations, please refer it with a simple sentence in the Acknowledgment: "This work is part of the Med-CORDEX initiative ( supported by the HyMeX programme (" or "The simulations used in this work were downloaded from the Med-CORDEX database (".
We strongly encourage people downloading data from the Med-CORDEX database to contact the model data producers in order to give feedbacks on the model simulations, interact on the scientific studies and/or propose co-authorships.

Publications based on Med-CORDEX simulations

apri 2018: 8 publications

apri 2017: 7 publications

apri 2016: 25 publications

apri 2015: 8 publications

apri 2014: 15 publications

apri 2013: 10 publications

apri 2012: 6 publications

apri 2011: 3 publications