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This place is a repository of News concerning our Med-CORDEX data base. Any one willing to share info, errors found, etc. please fill this form.

8 february 2022Med-CORDEX lists updated The lists of institutes, models, evaluation runs and scenario runs for the so-called Med-CORDEX baseline runs, performed with fully-coupled Regional Climate System Models over the Mediterranean area have been updated. Those lists now aggregate all contributions using coupled RCSMs since the start of Med-CORDEX in 2009. No difference is made anymore between former phase 1 and phase 2 coupled runs. Note that all evaluation runs are driven by the ERA-interim reanalysis and all the historical and scenario runs by CMIP5 GCMs. Please find the new lists on the dedicated web page
12 July 2021Med-CORDEX emailing lists All the Med-CORDEX emailing lists have been changed. The new lists are:
  • for all participants,
  • for the Steering Committee,
  •,, for the 3 Med-CORDEX-related FPS.
Only list members can send emails to the lists except for the Steering Committee list that is open.
Please don't use anymore the old lists.
20 November 2020last update of phase 1 runs We have recently updated the simulation lists of the Med-CORDEX simulations for phase 1, in particular the list of the coupled Regional Climate System Models. Please find the new lists here. This is likely one of the last update for the phase 1 runs. We are going to focus on phase 2 from now.
20 November 2020MedECC publication We are glad to announce the publication of the Mediterranean Assessment Report #1 by the MedECC scientific group. Med-CORDEX runs and related publications have been used partly in this report at least for the climate chapter but not only.
15 January 2020Baseline runs of the Med-CORDEX phase 2 The web page dedicated to the "Baseline runs" of the Med-CORDEX phase 2 has been created. You will find there the up-to-date simulation protocol (evaluation and scenario runs using fully-coupled Regional Climate System Models), the lists of the participating groups, models and runs with their status as well as metadata tables with additional information about the simulations. Those documents will be updated regularly.
5 July 2019list of runs The lists of the runs for the phase 1 of Med-CORDEX has been updated
21 february 2018important notice Issue in some CNRM-CM5 files and implications for CMIP5 and CORDEX users
Problème dans certains fichiers de CNRM-CM5 et implications pour les utilisateurs CMIP5 et CORDEX
19 July 2016system usage statistics In this page now logged users can see usage statistics about the system hosting Med-CORDEX. Graphs are updated every minute.
3 November 2015web access stats In this page are the statistics about the WEB accesses to this site. They are daily updated
14 August 2015Conventions CF-1.6 To run the latest version of cfchecker, which expects CF-1.6 files, on 14th August, 2015 I set the gloabl attribute "Conventions" to "CF-1.6" to all 116356 uploaded netcdf files.
I used the command ncatted -ha Conventions,global,o,c,'CF-1.6' Before such change the Convention attribute was CF-1.4 in all files BUT CF-1.0 in 1302 files, and CF in 472 files. From now on the global attribute "Conventions" of ANY uploaded file will automatically be set to CF-1.6 during ingestion.
21 July 2015cfcheck and ncdump files During ingestions, each Med-CORDEX netcdf file undergoes a compliance check and "a ncdump -h" and their results are available to logged people both in the ftp repository and in the file search page. In the ftp repository for each .nc file there are also its corresponding .cfcheck and .ncdump files, thus ftp users willing to download only netcdf files should ask for *.nc instead of *
The check is CF-Convention Compliance Checker for NetCDF Format
29 May 2015cookies Privacy policies are now modifiable by users
29 April 2015ftp in action Logged users can now see what is being downloaded by FTP, by whom and at which speed. Go to ftp_users.
7 April 2015secured ftp site Med-CORDEX TSL certificate signed by Symantec is now used also by ftp server. Thus anyone whishing to preserve his/her own password secrecy can use it. The port to use is the standard 21, but you must instruct your client to use FTPS (explicit auth TLS) protocol. Available free clients:
Windows: Filezilla ftpes://
Linux: curl --ftp-ssl -O [-k] -u USER:PASSWD
1 April 2015secured web site Med-CORDEX site is now using a TSL certificate signed by Symantec and all connections to the web site are automatically converted from http to https. This is good for protecting our password while logging in. Especially good for Hymex users whose password is not limited to accessing Med-CORDEX data and site.
14 March 2015Steering Committee Med-CORDEX has now a new Steering Committee. It is made of the following people: Gianmaria Sannino, Samuel Somot, Bodo Ahrens, Gabriel Jordà and Erika Coppola.
14 Jan 2015mobile site Med-CORDEX web site has gone mobile! Thanks to the use of modern "responsive" web technology, our site that can now be easily used by mobile devices like smartphones.
7 August 2014HyMeX users Thanks to the help of Guillaume, anyone having HyMeX credentials (email and password) in the mistral db can, without the need of any further registration, use them to have full access to the Med-CORDEX database and its files.
11 June 2014file search Logged users can now use the search utility to directly download netcdf files and/or pass them as infiles to the exec cdo utility. Of course logged users can still see the "ncdump -h" of selected files and also get the list of wget commands to download them.
30 May 2014exec cdo Users can execute directely on the web site cdo commands having any Med-CORDEX file as (local) input. In this way users can avoid downloading large netcdf files they only need to process at home with cdo. Of course users still have to download the netcdf file produced by the cdo command, but often this is a huge advantage in term of data transferred. To access the page exec cdo, users must first login on the web site using their own MEDCORDEX FTP credentials or their hymex mistral db credentials. Users can download output files and/or use them as input for other cdo commands.
23 May 2014THREDDS Problems in THREADDS have been solved, thus Med-CORDEX netcdf files can be used remotely, without downloading and storing locally. I tested it with Ferret, CDO and ncdump. Our THREDDS Data Server (tds) now accepts the credentials of authorized users and data providers.
2 Apr 2014ingesting procedure The ingesting procedures now automatically sends an email to each "ingested" data provider to notify her/him the results of the ingestion of her/his data. Please remember that the ingestion process starts only if the file PLEASEgo.txt is present in the data providers' incoming directory.
13 Nov 2013ingesting procedure If the automatic procedure which daily "ingests" files would start while a data provider is still uploading files, then some of the "ingested" file would be partial. To avoid this, data provides MUST certify their data files have all been succesfully uploaded. They do that uploading a new file named PLASEgo.txt which can also be empty. The automatic procedure will ingests only files in those directories in which exists also a file named PLEASEgo.txt After ingesting netcdf files, the procedure will delete the file PLEASEgo.txt
13 Nov 2013works on uploaded data If data providers discover easy-to-solve problem on data they have already uploaded, Lele can work locally in the aim to avoid re-uploads. As an example if some netcdf global attributs must be added/modified, or if a variable must be multiplied by a given factor, then Lele can do it directly in the data base. In any case it is necessary that data providers provide (!) Lele of the exact commands they want him do run on their files. A script of ready to go commands is the right input to Lele. Lele will return to data providers the logs of the execuded commands (stdout and stderr). Please fill this form to send requests to Lele.
13 Nov 2013Thredds Data Server I'm glad to announce that our MEDCORDEX data base il also available on the web through a Thredds Data Server (TDS). The access to the contents of netcdf files is password protected by the same users' FTP credential, but the structure of the data base is freely available to any one. At the moment are active only the credentials of data providers, but in a few days will work also those of the authorized users.
At the mopment the URL of Med-CORDEX Thredds Data Server is and I invite you to browse it.
As soon as a small bug of Thredds will we cleared, people all over the world will be able to access our Med-CORDEX netcdf files directly, without downloading them. It will be possible from Ferret, MATLAB and several other programs but only by people with the right credential, of course!
12 Nov 2013NEWS section On the site there is now a NEWS section (the one you are reading just now!). It can be used to share info/news. Since it is not a wiky, people willing to share info must send them to me by mail or using this form.
3 Nov 2013ingesting procedure The automatic procedure "ingests" MEDCORDEX files not only from /incoming_MEDCORDEX/<INST> but also from any its subdirectories. Thus the presence of a directory structure is now allowd, but it doesn't change the final destination of the files it contains, since such destination is created after each filename

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